The Urban Network Experience or TUNE has been Ibiza’s resident Hip Hop and urban culture agency since 2004, consistently ranked one of the top urban music experiences. In 2019 We introduced our daytime pool parties to give tourists and residents an under-the-sun experience featuring the music that is both the most popular on the charts and the least promoted on the white isle. 

IN 2022 we have produced an exclusive program that includes pool parties, rooftop parties, sunset parties and VIP club nights In Ibiza and San Antonio areas. We heard the call for something different in Ibiza and now anyone seeking a memorable moment can purchase tickets from our exclusive sales team, through Ibiza’s NEW event Wi-Fi hub called WiFYX or right here on our website. We provide both floor and table reservations for each of our events.

TUNE has been updated to reflect the latest in technology and music entertainment in the daylife and nightlife industry. Our newest introduction is TUNE ROOM presenting exclusive, VIP and “invite-only” bottle party concept that features international brands with live DJs and artists weekly from May through October. TUNE ROOM is located in Playa Den Bossa inside the Dunes club and will be a very energetic and active environment for anyone fortunate to have the experience. We will be hosting  international brands within urban music culture 5 nights each week including the iconic event that is officially introduced by Ibiza known as BLACKLIST. Soul2Soul Ibiza is also returning to Saturday nights celebrating our 5th year anniversary as two of the many premier events in the lineup.

We are the only ticket source for our events so we maintain the integrity and direct relationship with anyone deciding to include us on their journey for a great, Ibiza experience. WiFYX Wi-Fi hub is our official partner and provides connection in al of the major areas so noone needs to seek out a ticket retailer because we will always be available on your mobile.

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